Hospice Foundation


Corporate sponsorships of Hospice Foundation events such as the Helping Hands Dinner, Bike Michiana for Hospice or Walk for Hospice not only promote your company’s visibility in the communities we serve, it also highlights your dedication to making our community a better place to live by supporting our pledge to bring hospice services to those who most need it. We would be happy to help you target your sponsorship by audience or mission affinity.

To learn more about sponsorship opportunities, contact Cyndy Searfoss at 574.277.4203 or searfossc@cfhcare.org

Workplace Giving Programs

Workplace giving programs benefit not only the charitable organizations who receive the financial support but employers and employees as well. Employers build morale, boost the community of which they are part and are viewed as good corporate citizens. Employees provide valuable financial support for causes in which they believe in a convenient manner.

In fact, Center for Hospice Care, through Hospice Foundation, has its own workplace giving program in place. Employees can elect to support three different funds through payroll deduction. We Believe is a fund that pays for items and services not covered by Medicare, Medicaid or private insurance. Through this, we have purchased air conditioners, long distance phone cards and other items the review committee feels would greatly enhance the quality of living for our patients.

Uganda Impact Fund provides financial support for the work of the Palliative Care Association of Uganda (PCAU)  to bring palliative care to those who most need it. This has included funds for health care workers to attend palliative care classes so they can offer these services in their districts as well as funding for a secure office compound.

Finally, our employees are able to support CHC’s promise to provide care to anyone who qualifies for hospice care, regardless of their ability to pay, by becoming Circle of Caring  members.

The Hospice Foundation would be happy to help you implement a Workplace Giving Program to help your employees to donate via payroll deduction.

In-Kind Gifts

Giving to Hospice Foundation can include donations other than cash. Giving property or other material goods can benefit both the giver and Hospice Foundation as it supports the work of Center for Hospice Care.

Proposed gifts of property and gifts in kind must be evaluated to determine whether the costs to the Foundation associated with receiving the gift can prudently be accommodated. For example, accepting real property may require payment of closing costs, payoff of debt secured by the property, and physical changes to the property necessary to assure safety or to control environmental hazards. Likewise, the cost to retrofit space and provide necessary utilities to make a proposed gift of equipment usable for Foundation purposes may be deemed excessive. Occasionally, associated costs may weigh against acceptance of the gift.

The authority and responsibility for prompt, careful evaluation of such costs rests with the Vice President/COO, who shall, after conferring with other Departments as appropriate, confer with the President and CFO regarding acceptance of the gift.  In the event that there is disagreement as to whether to accept a gift, the matter shall be referred to the Board of Directors for a final determination.

The IRS has specific regulations dealing with gifts in kind that are more than $5,000. We suggest companies work closely with a tax advisor in planning in-kind gifts of this size or larger. For more information on giving an in kind gift to Hospice Foundation, please contact Mike Wargo at WargoM@cfhcare.org.

3rd Party Events

The Hospice Foundation is grateful for the generosity and hard work of many companies and organizations that support its mission through their independent fundraising efforts, grantsmanship and donations.

As time and circumstances allow, we are pleased to lend a hand with publicity for these types of events. If you are planning a fundraising event and donating the proceeds to the Hospice Foundation, please contact Red Fisher at FisherR@cfhcare.org for more information.

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