Hospice Foundation

The Helping Hands Award began in 1985 to recognize those who have contributed to the greater good of the community. In the event's 32 years it has raised $4,249,928 to support the work of Center for Hospice Care.

The 33rd Annual Helping Hands dinner was held on Wednesday, May 3, and honored the area's First Responders, or as we like to call them, Heroes at Hand. The jobs of First Responders are dangerous, and often thankless. They risk their lives every day so that we can go about our daily activities without worrying about our safety. These men and women perform their jobs whether we thank them or not. It is their duty. It is their chosen profession. They deserve our gratitude and our respect.

Thank you to everybody that joined us at the Gillespie Events Center at Hilton Garden Inn for the event!